One of Africa’s leading hospitality brands, Transcorp Hotels, introduces AURA, an innovative fusion of Exquisite Apartments, Great Food, and Memorable Experiences

As the world is adjusting to the new normal and travel, events, and lifestyle activities finally begin to reemerge, our summer holidays and city breaks will inevitably look very different than they did in a pre-coronavirus world. With a focus on 3 major touch-points; homes, food, and experiences to suit consumer needs, Aura by Transcorp Hotels offers unique accommodation, great food, and multiple experiences, that make every travel memorable.

If you have ever had to travel outside the comfort of your home and city, it is almost certain that you have witnessed and experienced firsthand the hassle that comes with finding great food and the perfect accommodation for your stay. Transcorp Hotels Plc, one of Nigeria’s leading brands in the hospitality industry introduced Aura to address this.


Aura by Transcorp Hotels connects people to quality accommodation, great food, and everything they need for memorable lifestyle experiences. It has become easier for you to choose from an array of verified homes, carefully selected restaurants, and specially curated experiences from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Whether you are traveling on a business trip, planning a getaway with loved ones, attending a party outside town, or going on a honeymoon with your spouse, Aura provides everything needed for a memorable stay.

Asides from being an innovative platform that leverages technology to offer world-class hospitality, Aura by Transcorp Hotels also contributes to economic growth by allowing individuals to put up their property for short-term lease, developing a new breed of hospitality entrepreneurs.

Another way to make money from the platform is by becoming an experienced provider on Aura. If you live in an area where there are a lot of beautiful places to showcase, you could become a tour guide and get paid by tourists. You can also list other skills-based services people are eager to pay for. For example, there are masseuses and yogis listed on the platform, offering massage services and yoga classes.

Everyone who participated in #TheAuraExperience (the launch of the digital platform) had stories to tell, but #TheAuraExperience is not just an event, the brand calls it a promise to continue to deliver unique accommodation, great food, and memorable lifestyle experiences to its customers.

Aura by Transcorp Hotels is available via web and mobile.  Download the app on the Google Play Store and on Apple App Store.