If you love fashion and want to keep up with the fast pace of changing trends but still want to maintain your own personal style, here is how to go about it

A decade ago, fashion trends took about six months to change. In recent times some fashion trends are changing in as little as a number of weeks; which means that you can buy a dress in one month and by the next, it will be out of style. We blame the ever evolving and seemingly restless fashion industry for this, not without recognizing the good that the industry has also done.

If keeping up with fashion trends a decade ago was difficult, it is now close to impossible but not unachievable. So, if you love fashion and want to keep up with the fast pace of changing trends but still want to maintain your own personal style, here is how to go about it:


Follow fashion bloggers with similar personal style as you

Gone are the days when we needed to either watch a fashion show or buy a fashion magazine to know the upcoming trends. The gate has been widened a bit and fashion bloggers have made it easy for us to see those upcoming trends. If you follow just any fashion blogger, you will be up to date with new trends but you will lose your sense of style trying to dress like every blogger you follow.

But if you follow fashion bloggers that have similar style as you, incorporating new trends into your current style will be easy for you to do and this way, you will be able to identify the trends that don’t work for you quickly. Instead of discovering this after spending money on new fashion items.


Read fashion magazines from different countries

When people say fashion magazines, they mostly refer to the most popular ones  – Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and the likes. Do you know that each of these magazines are different in each country that they are published in? Vogue is published in over ten countries and each of them have different content.

For instance, the content in American Vogue is different from British Vogue which is also different from French Vogue which is also different from Arabian Vogue. You may be asking the question “what has this difference in versions/editions of Vogue got to do with it?” Inspiration can come from anywhere.

You may find something that will take your style to the next level just by going through French Vogue, or if you are a Muslim and your style contains a lot of scarfs and abayas; the Arabian Vogue will do you better than the American Vogue. It doesn’t matter if you speak the language. Most fashion magazines are mostly about the pictures and that is all you need to see.

And if you can’t buy the magazine, you can always go to their website; they all have great content on their websites.


Explore Vintage Shopping

Sometimes, designers create new fashion trends and sometimes they recycle old fashion trends. This is why you shouldn’t throw away some things because they are now out of fashion; they may just come back in style.

Try going to a vintage store and finding classic pieces to add to your collection. I know vintage stands for old but sometimes old is good or even better. Ever tasted a wine that was 80 years old and compared it to the one that was made last year? You just can’t compare!

So, don’t be afraid to go vintage shopping, you may find a collector’s piece that was made for only a few in the world. You know what beats being on top of a fashion trend? Wearing a valuable fashion piece that is rare and is no longer in production.


Prioritize Your Personality

In all that you do, don’t forget who you are. They say that the way you dress is the way that you are addressed; so, dress like you… stay true to yourself and dress in the way that makes you feel like you. If you dress like others, then you are being dishonest to yourself and others. It doesn’t matter how awesome a fashion trend is, if it doesn’t go with your personality, let it go.

If you don’t feel comfortable or enjoy trendy clothes, then don’t wear them. Of what good will it be for you to spend money and time on clothes or things that you neither enjoy nor feel comfortable in just because it is trending? The person that will suffer it will be you. So put yourself first and go for the things that make you feel good and comfortable no matter what. Forget about the opinions of others, like a great man once said “opinions are like a nose, they have a couple of holes in them”.

Explore but make sure that you also enjoy!