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There Is Something for Everyone Wishing to Visit or Live in Dubai -Stella Fubara-Obinwa

Stella Fubara-Obinwa is a Director of International operations with the Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing; the principal authority for the planning, supervision, development and marketing of Dubai’s tourism sector. As an accomplished...

7 UAE Designers Revamping Middle-East Fashion

Many would liken the United Arab Emirates' style to couture hijabs and Abaya's with loads of embellishments. Honestly, the UAE, throughout the long term, has developed as a center point for unique and inventive...

Wonders behind Dubai’s Man Made Islands

Like a Cinderella story, the city of Dubai transformed from a humble fishing village with dusty sands to one of the world’s most scenic destination. A present-day metropolis and global business center, the city...

Christmas in Dubai

Exploring the city during the day is usually impossible and most people stay indoors where air-conditioning works. However, the weather is much better at Christmas..,

The Origin of Christmas Tree: How it became a Christmas Culture in Present Times

The celebration in Rome, called Saturnalia, was of particular import in the Christmas tree’s history. Saturnalia was a celebration of lawlessness that lasted from December 17 to 25

Shopping For Gold In Dubai?

If you intend shopping for Gold or Diamond jewellery in Dubai, the Deira Gold Souk is the hub. Indeed, it is the biggest and busiest gold trading market in the world.By Joyce Icheokolo All thanks...