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Sunday, November 28, 2021

How To Follow Fashion Trends Without Losing Your Personality.

If you love fashion and want to keep up with the fast pace of changing trends but still want to maintain your own personal style, here is how to go about it A decade ago,...

5 Forgotten African Hairstyles To Try In Solidarity With The Independence Anniversary Mood

Since this is the month of celebration of Nigerian independence; it is the perfect month to show solidarity by donning an African hairstyle that we only remember when we are invited for a 60's...

Fashion Trends in Nigeria…Then And Now (1960 – 2021)

A look back in time at Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration on October 1, 1960 may just give you an insight into what fashion during that era looked like. The presence of notable personalities and...

Beautiful Ways to Add Green to Your Look

It is October and most Nigerians and friends of Nigeria know what that means: The independence anniversary month of Africa’s most populous nation.  It is easy to carry the Nigerian flag around or place...


Definitely not the vaccine! But a dynamic fashion brand for trendy professional men Johnson-Johnson Menswear is a creation of Johnson Iyaye Bipialaka, a Rivers State-born fashion designer and a bespoke tailor. This charismatic businessman is...

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

We cannot change the natural aging process, time and life bring the appearance of visible lines on our faces, but we can influence the other factors that add to the aging process and accelerate...