It is October and most Nigerians and friends of Nigeria know what that means: The independence anniversary month of Africa’s most populous nation.  It is easy to carry the Nigerian flag around or place it on your desk or somewhere in your office but how about you take it a notch further and wear it. Add green to your outfit

Green is one of the most beautiful colours you can add to your look, although it is not a common colour for most, especially those of us who work a corporate job. But I am here to tell you that there is a way that you can wear green without looking unprofessional but hey… if you want to be more daring and stand out, you can also use green to achieve that fit. So, here we go.


Decide the shade of green that is good for you

Before you go shopping, remember that green comes in many shades and this is a good thing; because different people with different personalities can wear the shade of green that fits into their comfort level and still look their best.

So, the first thing for you to do is to do a little bit of research and see all the shades of green before deciding on the type of green you want to add to your look. The most common shades of green are Teal, Turquoise, Forest green, Dark green, Mint, and Olive; but there are more. So, choose the shade you like best before you go shopping.


How to wear green


  1. Accessorize with green

The easiest way to wear green with the least risk of a fashion faux pas is by wearing green accessories. The current fashion standard says that ‘the colour of your accessories don’t need to match your outfit but there should be a flow and harmony’. This means that you can wear an outfit of any colour(s) and carry a green handbag or wear green shoes, as long as the colours of your outfit harmonize.

A man can wear a dark green belt or green cufflinks to punctuate his black and white outfit. Or you can wear a teal tie and match it with your pocket square. Accessories are there to add spice to your outfit, so it will be special for you to experiment with them; use them to add green to your look.


  1. Add green to your make-up

This may seem more daring and out there than it actually is. Remember what I said earlier, there are different shades of green; including cool, calm and pastel shades of green that you can use as eye shadow or eyeliner. It will make your eyes pop and give you a different look and it won’t be loud. In case you want the loud look, you can even try the shimmering green eyeliner or green lipstick.

And if make-up is not your thing, how about green nail polish?


  1. Wear green clothes

This is the obvious way to add green to your look. But not everyone knows how to put together a great outfit featuring the colour green. So, first things first, let’s discuss the colours that go with green.

Colours that go with green

Most colours go with green but below are the best colours you can wear with green without wondering whether the fashion police will come after you.

White and green

Just like the Nigerian flag, white and green is a clean look and very stylish too. The shade of green you wear doesn’t matter because white will soothe it just perfectly.

Beige and green

Yes, we have all heard that beige is a boring colour. But what happens when you pair a boring colour with a very interesting one like green? You create an amazing outfit. Again, the shade of green that you pair with beige doesn’t matter; so, let your imagination run free.


Pink and green

I know that this is not a common choice but it is a beautiful one. Pair a light shade of pink with a dark shade of green, if you want to stay on the safe side, pair a deep shade of pink with any shade of green and the fashion police will applaud you for your fashion instincts.

Red and green

Red is not a colour that is loved by many but for those of us who love it, it will interest you to know that red goes good with green just as pink goes with green. Experiment today with that red top/shirt and pair it with an olive coloured pair of trousers or skirt.

Black and green

Every colour goes with black, so this is a safe choice to go with.


  1. Add green to your hair

This is a more daring choice, but what is life without some adventure? The Gen-Z might find this more appealing.  You can dye your hair green or add green extensions to your hair. If you are afraid of the bright green in your hair, there are deep green extensions that you can use for your braids or weave. This way you won’t get too much attention.

Keep it simple

Green is a wonderful but powerful colour that can overtake your look quickly, so when wearing green; remember to keep it simple. Don’t accessorize too much, or wear too much make-up (if green is in your make-up) … Less is more!