Aubergine (eggplant) 1big size

Irish potatoes 5 medium size

Mince meat (chicken) 200 kg

Butter 50g

Mozzarella cheese


Tomato sauce


Black pepper




Boil the peeled Irish potatoes to soft. Bring it down from heat and put in a bowl, add milk, butter, salt to taste then mash till soft and smooth. Then put aside.

Marinate the mincemeat with salt to taste, black pepper, and chopped parsley.

Slice the aubergine into rings.


Put half of the mash potatoes in a baking dish as a base then add half of the sliced aubergine, then add the marinated mincemeat over the aubergine and then add the remaining aubergine.

Put the remaining mashed potatoes then add the tomato sauce, grate your mozzarella cheese on top.


Bake it at 180c for 25 to 30 minutes.

Bring it out and garnish with chopped parsley and serve.



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